Do you spend too much time on OTAs extranets? Do you walk around with a tablet in your hand out of office hours in case you need to change availability in the middle of the night? Do you spread availability across OTAs in order not to overbook? PrimalRES channel manager will solve all these problems and will free you time in order to do more creative things in your work.

Channel management is the software that allows to control in real time prices, availability and reservations for all OTAs via one extranet.


Advantages of Primal Channel Manager

  • Ease of use – No need to log into each extranet in order to change prices, update allotment or do a stop sales. This is done automatically. For example, if you wish to change the price of a specific room types for next week, you up-date the price in the channel manager only and then, automatically, the price is updated in all selling channels. No need for a further action from your side. Moreover, each time you get a new reservation, there is no need to update availability in each channel. The channel manager takes care of it. In addition, in order to see the reservation summary, you don’t need to log into the channels extranet. You can see them in the channel manager. At last but not least, you avoid being overbooked.

  • Sales increase  No need to break up availability into different channels. Up until now, if you had 10 available rooms in total, you might allocate 5 room in one channel, 2 to two more channels and one for your booking engine. Now all channels can have 10 rooms for sale. First come, first served. If one channels sells a room, all other channels are automatically notified that there 9 more available, not 10. In addition, you can work with many more channels since there is no effort required, the channel manager does all the work for you. If you worked with 3 channels up to to-day, now you can add 3 or 4 more and have extra revenue and promotion for your hotel.


Channel management is not a luxury. It is technology that takes away time consuming work and frees your time. No need to update many channels any more, just the channel manager and you are done. That way, you can focus more on more creative parts of your daily job.

Channel Manager


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