Turn lookers into bookers. WebHotelier is the software that allows your website visitor to search for availability, see prices and make an online booking direct with you. There is no need to send you an email, to call you or to receive a reservation form you need to reply to. The reservation is made online and the hotelier receives a confirmed booking, secured by the credit card of the guest. It is state of the art and you have total freedom on prices and availability. It is the tool that will help you have many direct bookings.



  • No need to buy it – No need to invest money. It is Software As A Service (SaaS), which means that apart from an initial small set up fee, you only pay a transaction fee for each reservation you get.

  • No need for commitment  You are free to stop using it whenever you want. We are confident the software is so good we don’t bind you with long term contracts.

  • It is a global player – More than 6,000 hotels in 37 countries use WebHotelier as their official booking engine.

  • No need to have allotment – You are free to use it as you wish. When you want to do a stop sales, you do so on your own. Increase your occupancy.

Technology that works to your benefit

  • Dynamic pricing – The tool that lets define your pricing strategy. Prices can change dynamically according to conditions set by the hotelier.

  • Requests – We let you know for which dates guest are looking to book into your hotel.

  • Booking codes – You can have private rates for corporation or for events.

  • Multi property – In you own a chain of hotels, we let you have a multi property booking engine to show results for all your hotels.

  • Google Analytics – You can connect WebHotelier booking engine to Google Analytics and see who is visiting your booking engine.

  • Conversion Optimized Engine – Stop spending money to bring customers on your site that never complete a booking. WebHotelier is optimized for conversion, you won’t find better performance anywhere.

  • Mobile / Tablet Support – WebHotelier’s booking engine is optimized for all modern smartphones and touch-based devices (iPhone, Blackberry, Opera & Firefox mobile, etc).

  • Facebook App – The official WebHotelier Facebook App helps you unlock a powerful and previously untapped sales channel right from your social network. Visitors to your Facebook Page now can book directly from your booking engine.

  • PMS Connect – WebHotelier’s PMS Gateway XML Interface directly connects your PMS to WebHotelier for availability & reservations management.

WebHotelier B2B

B2B module will free your hands and let you work with travel agents and tour operators on your own terms and conditions.

The difference from working with a tour operator / wholesaler with a static contract is that you define the terms & conditions (payment method – cancellation policy – payment policy) and not vice versa. Moreover, you have the right to deny working with a specific travel agent/tour operator.

In addition, with the WebHotelier B2B module you can:

  • Create multiple groups and assign each partner to a specific group

  • Define different commission levels for each group or for each partner

  • Define a payment policy/cancellation policy specific for B2B partners

  • Do a stop sales whenever you want


  • You have the ability to work with hundreds of travel agents and promote your hotel without having to use one more back office and with no contract

  • No need to reply to requests anymore when there is no availability. B2B partners can check availability online. On the other hand, your B2B partner have real time availability and they can book online 24/7.

  • B2B partners will promote your hotel, it is to your benefit to join the programme

Take advantage of the internet by using the world’s leading booking engine

  • Designed for ease of use – In order for the customer to make a decision, information must be presented in a clear and easy to find way. This is our philosophy. Customize your booking engine to match your brand.

  • Secure, reliable, powerful  PCI certified, encrypted communication, hardware firewalls and world-class data centers. Webhotelier is as secure as it gets.

  • The best tools in your hands – The WebHotelier Backoffice is the best in its class. You can take advantage of powerful functionality such as dynamic pricing to unlock your hotel’s true potential.

  • Easy to set up, easy to use – WebHotelier is easy to setup and even easier to use. We designed the system for hoteliers, not computer wizards. Every form, every step is optimized for fast and easy to use management of your property.

  • Make the best decisions – From your first view of the dashboard to the rich statistics and reports, WebHotelier provides you with the information and intelligence you need to make the decisions that count.

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