Do you need a new website for your hotel? Don’t know where to start? Are you confused by all the jargon? You don’t really know what you need? No need to be an expert in web design. We understand that you are hoteliers, not web designers and we help you develop a website that will bring direct bookings.


Advantages of using our consulting services on web design

  • No need to develop technical skills and learn about new technologies. We will explain them to you

  • You will have more free time to run your hotel

  • You make all strategic decisions, we do the implementation

  • You use our expertise

  • You can choose any company you like to make the web design, we don’t force you to work with specific companies

  • We oversee the whole procedure and we act on your behalf

By having a nicely designed web page with the right content, you will have a great increase in direct bookings.

Visit the website of Aria Estate
Visit the website of Dorian Inn

What do we do for you webpage?

We act in cooperation with hotelier and on behalf of the hotelier:

  • We define the specifications

  • We finalize the menu

  • We find the right partners (photographer – copywriter – web designer – web developer)

  • We collect offers from reputed companies

  • We evaluate offers and help you make the correct choice

  • We oversee the development of the web page

You don’t need to be an expert. In practice, we take care of the whole procedure (or part of it, if you wish) on your behalf and we act as your consultants. We explain you things in plain words and you make the strategic decisions. We do the implementation so you have the time and peace of mind to run your hotel.



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