Now you can advertise you direct prices in meta search engine (i.e. price comparison websites) and increase your direct sales.


  • You distribute your direct prices – (i.e. prices you sell in your booking engine) to prospective guests that are looking to book a room and visiting meta search sites in order to compare prices

  • The reservation is made directly with the hotel, so it is the hotelier who has the contact details of the guest

  • Commission paid is less than what you pay to Booking dot com or to Expedia

Please read below to which meta search websites you can connect to, provided you use the WebHotelier booking engine.


Google Hotel Ads

It is not really an ad, rather it is the ability to display your booking engine’s prices via Google search results and Google Maps. Google presents your price compared to that of Booking dot com, Expedia as well as other channels and you have the opportunity to increase direct sales. Reservations via Google Hotel Ads are growing really fast and one of their main features you will love is their cancellation rate, which is below 10%. That is really low.

Tripadvisor Instant Booking

Tripadvisor is the leading review website in the hotel industry and the website that most people trust to read reviews. What people read about you hotel from other people is really important during the booking procedure. TripAdvisor now gives you the ability to present you own prices and compete with OTAs. To learn more, please see the video.

Trivago Rate Connect

Trivago is the leading price comparison website for hotel and millions of travellers visit the Trivago web site in order to compare prices. During the last few years, Trivago is encouraging hoteliers to advertise the booking engine rates and get direct bookings. This is done either with PPC (Pay per click) campaigns or on a commission model. Recently Trivago launched the Trivago Express Booking, whereby the visitor completes the reservation without leaving the Trivago webpage and as result conversion has increased.

Skyscanner Hotels

What makes Skyscanner distinct from other meta search engine is its holistic approach. On their website you can find not only hotel prices but air tickets and car rental as well. The Skyscanner platform is offering the hotelier the ability to advertise the direct prices and works on a commission model.

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