Turn Key Solution for Associations of Hotels

Every hotelier, on his/her own, has a limited power on the web. Unite and the hoteliers of a specific region have much more power in their hands. This can be easily understood by comparing the visits of a hotel website to the visits of the hoteliers association website. The latter acts as a portal for the region, most of the time with great content, and a result acts as a starting point for the prospective visitor. It is quite common though to be only the starting point and no reservation is made in the webpage. Most of the times, the guest goes to an Online Travel Agent (OTA) and makes the booking.

The main reason for that is that there is no ability to book online in the webpage of the hotel association. All the “hard work” to find the guest has been done. However, when the guest needs to book, we practically re-direct him/her to booking dot com or some other OTA and we are left empty handed. The result is that the hotelier is paying a high commission to an OTA for a guest he/she send there! Ironic.

The case study of Kalavrita

The local hotel association faced exactly that problem. The website of the association was high up on the results in the search engines, for many keywords. The guest was visiting the website, however the reservations were made via booking dot com, as most hotels were selling rooms via the dominant OTA.

The hoteliers decided to offer online booking ability in the webpage of the association. At the same time, the guest could enter check in & check out dates, do an availability search, see prices and make an online booking. The booking procedure is exactly the same as in booking dot com. The difference is that the hotelier is not paying any com-mission.

High ranking in search results and great numbers of visits were already there for the website of the association. As soon as the BOOK ONLINE ability was live, reservations started flowing in.

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